IQ-FUN the braingame
for smart people 

With just 4 pieces a huge number of figures
can be created - a real challenge for young
and old. Especially with adults this puzzle is
a huge success, because everytime they
play they get new challenges. IQ-FUN is made
from beechwood and belongs to the sustain-
able toys.

IQ-FUN fosters your thinking

Do you remember the wooden puzzle from your childhood? It was fun, wasn't it? Too bad it was unraveled so quickly and you motivation to play was gone so fast. IQ FUN is different, because it is more than just a simple puzzle.

100 figures in 600 variations

With just 4 pieces a huge number of figures can be created - a real challenge for young and old. The IQ FUN wooden puzzle is one of a kind. IQ FUN is available in natural wood or in color - it's up to your taste.

A game that
helps others

We always try and develop new ideas to create or buy ambitious products for our customers. The IQ FUN developer supports a lot of relief projects. That's why part of the revenue is dedicated to the Dornauer Wohltätigkeits-förderung.


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How can it be, that a wooden puzzle with only four pieces is so exciting again and again?

The secret behind IQ FUN is the fact, that you can lay a hundred different figures form only four pieces. These 100 figures are devided in 8 levels of difficulty. Even if you master the figures of the first level with ease, the figures of the advanced levels become real challenges, even if you're a true genius.

Imagine, you're sitting together with your friends and have a great time. You're trying and lay a figure of the seventh level with just four pieces. You already tear at your hair, you're close to give up and the others try and convince you: "You won't make it! It's impossible. Give up!" But you stick to the task and you puzzle and puzzle and suddenly you find the revelation. Feeling great and full of pride you present your success. You did it! Now you know: with IQ FUN everything is possible.

Of course it doesn't have to be this hard all the time. With IQ FUN you can spend an exciting evening with your family with you and your kids having a great time. Your kids lay figures of an easier level of difficulty and the adults opt for the more difficult ones. This way it stays fair and excitement is guaranteed.

IQ FUN never gets boring. Even if you have laid a figure for a hundred times, next time you won't remember, how you did it. The reason for this is, that the puzzle parts of IQ FUN have so many similarities, that it's hard for your brain to remember the right solution.

Here's a little advice: From my own experience I know that you want to opt for the hardest figures to make rght from the beginning. But you don't have to go for a figures of the most difficult levels to impress your loved-ones :-) Take off at an easy level. You'll see, it is already quite a challenge. When you've done that one, you can climb up to the next one and show, what a master you are.

More than a simple game – IQ Fun

Do you remember your old wooden puzzle from your childhood? Wasn't it fun? And wasn't it perfect for a quick, exciting memory training? Unfortunately quite often it was resolved fast and the motivation to play gone. IQ FUN is different, because it is more than just a simple puzzle.

IQ FUN is a concentration game to train your memory with over 100 different figures and possibilities of combination. This beautifully designed wooden game consists of four pieces, eight different levels of difficulty and provied you with many hours of fun and opportunity to train your brain.

Braingames like IQ FUN are a great means to train your memory and enhance your motivation epecially in today's world. First you choose a certain figure. Then you solve the composition with a lot of creativity and mental skills.

The concept is simple and brilliant, because it's always the same game, but never the same challenge. Just like Albert Einstein said: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Designed as a jigsaw puzzle to train your brain, it enhances the joy and motivation to solve the next figure with every mastered one.

Even if the first figures might seem easy to solve, only around ten percent of people are able to master the once of the highest level of difficulty. Maybe you're one of them?

Braingames like IQ FUN are simple and attractive methods to train your brain. They educate your spatial thinking as well as your perception. This is how the game stays a challenge over and over again. Thanks to the different figures always consisting of the same four parts, IQ FUN is a great training for your mind.

Be it as a mental training for the grey matter of elderly people or as a training for spatial thinking of the younger ones, IQ FUN is always exciting, no matter what age you are. At you'll find all the information and the game itself to order and try out. Stir up your brain cells and let's get excited!

Games for blind people – IQ FUN

Often it's not easy to find games fit four visually impaired people. For blind people this sort of pastime isn't managable without the help or collaboration of a second person most of the time. IQ FUN is different!

Games for blind people often fail not because of the design or the genuine idea, but because of the usability. Normally you need another person to lay out the game and most of the time also to play it. IQ FUN is different! You can order IQ FUN in the regular version or equipped with a blind touch film.

IQ FUN is one of the games for visually impaired people, which can be laid out and played with the sense of touch. This is especially true for the figures. Each figure can be recognised by its unique form. So even if you are visually impaired you can realise each figure and have fun in mastering the game.

Your advantages:

  • Over 100 new puzzle challenges
  • Game of concentration, thinking and patience
  • Enhancing of logical thinking and motor activity
  • Perfectly fit for blind people
  • Eco-friendly made of beechwood

What you get is a game for the visually impaired, that you can use easily and that challenges your creativity and trains your spatial imagination. Thanks to over 100 unique figures that can be recognised by touching them, you'll have a great time mastering the puzzle.